JS Feed for Joomla


1.            Problems

1.1          Description

Most of free hosting does not support cross-domain requests. Existing JS feed manager is in very primary state. Web site owners that have hosted there sites on free hosing get affected by this. As an impact, you cannot use normal free module or improved feed manager “FeedGator”.  This is built for all web developers working with Joomla who have hosted their site in free hosing service and want to use the feed facility. Product is named as “JS Feeds for Joomla”.

                This allows feed support in more easy way using JS that gives more interactive feed module that is possible to use with free hosting unlike how it is normally done using CURL and PHP. This Product More attractive, easy to use, do not have to do any cording, gives nice outcome to your site.

2.            Solutions

2.1 Current Solutions

There are existing feed Fetchers that can be used as a solution for this problem. However, they are still at a very primary stage. Even though there are very improved feed fetches that uses CURL PHP they cannot be used as a solution for this problem as lot of free hosting services do not allow cross-domain requests.

                Talking about Ajax based current solutions, which can be used as a solution for our problem, do not have any support for, Selection of multiple feeds, setting number of posts, setting view layout, setting post length, and setting appearance.  And most importantly they need user to edit code to get some functionalities which make them very user unfriendly, especially if user don’t have IT knowledge.

2.2 Our solution

Our solution is designed to overcome all above mention limitations of the existing solution. Our solution is based on java script that will make sure this can be used with any hosting service. In our solution, we will build a Joomla extension based on Google feed API.

2.3 Solution Feasibility

There are enough evidence that can prove that the solution provided by JS feed for Joomla will be a highly feasible and needed one. As I mentioned above there is no proper solution for above-mentioned problem until now. There is very big community that is using Joomla and free hosting, which make sure this product will have enough users.

                As we are using only free services from Google, the project is contained with high economic feasibility and legal feasibility. As we are building this on well establish and well known platform and as we are using Google feed API, it is possible to complete this project in very short time period like 2-3 months. As developer of this is familiar with both of these technologies (Joomla API, Google feed API) this project have high technological feasibility.

 More information can be found in following articles:
  1. Project Starting
  2. Project Vision
  3. Project Development Case
  4. Project Quality Plan
  5. Project Software Requirement Specification
  6. Project Software Architecture Document 
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