Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Automated Weather Monitoring System: Rain Gauge Design

Rain Gauge

What is we are using and why we are using that

We are using the famous “tipping bucket method” to measure the rainfall. We thought of using this because of several reasons.
1. This is a well-known technique and has been used by lot of people. Therefore, this technique is a tested and proven correct technique.
2. With this technique, we do not need to remove water after a rainfall.
3. Can overcome vaporizing effect by using this.
4. It is simple and produces a digital signal that is easy to process.
5. Low cost to manufacture.

Basic design

Finally, we can keep this in a holder like below
We have to keep holes at the low end of the holder so that they will allow water to get out from the holder


Problems with this design and solutions

1. Every time after we get the reading there will be a remainder of water in the tipping bucket. This affects the current reading and the next reading.
· This lead to an error in our reading. This can be reduced by reducing the amount of water that the bucket can hold.
· For every reading, we have to add a little due to the remainder at the same time we have to reduce a little for what was there at the beginning. So neglecting both of them will not affect much.
2. What happen if something blocks the waterway?
· This can be reduced by having an angled net on the holder.

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