Sunday, January 29, 2012

Software project: JS feed for joomla - Development case

The purpose of the document is to describe the development process for the project JS Feeds for Joomla.

This development case applies to the Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition phases of the project JS Feeds for Joomla.

Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations
  • Joomla - Joomla is a free and open source CMS or content management system for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It comprises a model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework that can be used independently also.
  • API - An application-programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program that enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.
  • RSS Feeds - a simple XML-based system that allows users to subscribe to their favourite websites. Using RSS, webmasters can put their content into a standardized format.

  • Joomla feed Extensions -
  • Working with Google Feed API -
  • Google Feed API -
  • Workflow Definitions -
  • Workflow Definitions -

Full Artical(pdf) : PDF DOWNLOAD

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