Saturday, July 16, 2011

Theory of Simplicity

All around the world things are getting complicated and hard to understand. This contradicts with the theory of simplicity. To know how it happens, you may know what theory of simplicity is.
Theory of simplicity: Everything is so simple and can be understandable by any normal human. Otherwise, it is not fully discovered.
So let me elaborate more on this, there are things newly found (Or may be old ones) that seems impossible to understand by normal humans which seems to require enormous brainpower for understand, with the theory it is not true.

Let me explain this with an example

Ex: take the below sequence (think that is discovered by group of scientist in specific field)

12 48 384 3072 6144

Observing the above, you may find it extremely hard to understand a relation between each term. Nevertheless, a person with a high brainpower may find a relationship between them and that will be highly complicated. However, after sometime new terms were found and new sequence looks like below.

12 24 48 96 192 384 768 1536 3072 6144

With full discovery, it looks so simple and anyone of you can predict the next number in that sequence, it just a multiplication by two.
I will explain more on this in future posts…meanwhile try to understand the simple nature of where we live.

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